And guests

The Monsterfest Fringe was created in 2019 to give local artists the opportunity to share the stage with headline acts who themselves had played the festival on their way up before hitting chart success.

Mason Hill is one such act. After gracing the Monsterfest stage in 2018, they went on to record a debut album that burst into the top twenty national charts as well as making number one on the UK Rock charts. Not a bad achievement for five young lads from Glasgow.

To trace the Mason Hill story to its origin, Scott Taylor and James Bird met at school in Glasgow. At the age of 14, Bird was already an accomplished, award-winning, gifted guitar prodigy, who’d shared a stage with guitarist Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), a personal hero, he also toured across the UK and secured endorsements from leading music brands. The teenage Taylor already harboured dreams of fronting a rock ’n’ roll band, and the pair’s friendship and shared aspirations led them to form a band. In 2013 the pair formed Mason Hill, adding drummer Craig McFetridge, bassist Matthew Ward and guitarist Marc Montgomery in due course. Five diverse, colourful characters, the members of the group were instantly bonded by a shared, singular vision for their band: Taylor relinquished long-held plans to become an Olympic swimmer in order to focus on music, while Ward withdrew from a degree course at the University of Glasgow, where he’d been studying microbiology/virology. For these ambitious young men, Mason Hill was and is priority number one.

Mason Hill is Scott Taylor (Lead Vocals), James Bird (Lead Guitar), Marc Montgomery (Guitar), Matthew Ward (Bass) and Craig McFetridge (Drums)

Look out for some great local acts taking up the guest slots on the Fringe.