Over subsequent years, a number of attempts were made with various players to restart the band, all with a similar lack of success. Then in 2019, CK “Thunderhoof” Gillon, a former cohort of Craig’s and fan of the band, finding himself at a loose end due to the hiatus of his band ‘The King Lot’, persuaded Craig that an anniversary gig was required. Now also a bandmate in tribute band ‘Volts’, Tony returned; happy to pick up a bass and sound that wasn’t someone else’s. Nord had previously declined the invitation in favour of pursuing his own musical endeavours, so along came current Volts and former Burn bandmate and multi-instrumentalist John Ferguson who it turned out had actually been keen to join the band back in its heyday. The gig convinced the band that demand was still present for the music and work progressed when possible during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to record a five track EP, which was subsequently released in February 2021, following a successful kickstarter campaign.