A Monster Taste

Whisky Nosing/Tasting but more so training! 

at The Rose Street Foundry, Inverness
11th November, 6pm

Price £25 which includes your very own Glen Cairn Glass and 5 Quality Drams but more so priceless knowledge that will change everything!

Welcome to Monsterfest Whisky nosing experience – Yes experience! 

This is not simply just trying out a malt Whisky or 5 in a similar style as a distillery visit! This is training your receptors to tune into the distinctive nuances and complex tasting notes derived from the water of life!

Sign up and change everything you experience from quality whisky forever.

You will be guided through the entire process by Steve Raeburn of Monsterfest, a Highlander who is an avid Whisky collector and distillery shareholder who has a wealth of Whisky nosing experience over 4 decades.

You will be supplied with your very own (to keep at the completion of the experience) Glencairn Whisky nosing glass.

Steve will guide you through your journey preparing you to delve into enjoying 5 Age statement Scotch whiskies none aged less than 10 years, selected from 5 of the 6 great production regions from the home of great Whisky.

This potentially life changing experience is aimed at everyone aged 18 years plus who is willing to open their minds and taste buds and be amazed at the difference you should experience.

My most rewarding nosing sessions have come from taking a complete hater of Whisky who was willing to give it a chance and turning him into a lover of our great nectar! Also taking an older gentleman who had drunk whisky for years and wholly disliked peaty whiskies (“I can’t drink that peaty TCP tasting stuff!”) and receiving feedback during the journey that an aged Jura was (“the nicest dram I’ve ever tasted”) – only an hour before he flat refused a dram of Jura 10! 

Real experiences involving L Whitnell – Colchester and P MacKenzie – Wick

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